5/21/2018 Penultimate Quest: Final Quest

All of Final Quest is up. I debuted it at VanCaf and had a very good time.
I am going to work on a new project now, hopefully I will be able to show something soon.
The first ten pages of Final Quest. This is story about characters who decided not to take the journey with Harald's group. Enjoy! I'll be posting pages of this every week until it is complete, then I will be working on something new.
I have (finally) uploaded the Lost Chapter that I wrote and my friend John Kantz drew. John is a fantastic artist and it is my great pleasure to be able to share a comic that we have collaborated on.
I am hoping to add a few more Penultimate Quest items, send out the mini comics that I promised to backers of the third volume and then move on to a new work.
Unfortunately that new work is not looking like Death Laughs. I actually went and thumbnailed the entirety of Death Laughs and... that was as far as I got. Sometimes this happens. Actually this happens often to me, it's just about one book goes and the next doesn't. What I need to do is keep my mouth shut until I've got enough to go on.
Also I'm still polishing the site, so some things might not be all there.
I am remaking my entire website

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