6/26/2017 Penultimate Quest: Lost Chapter drawn by John Kantz

I have (finally) uploaded the Lost Chapter that I wrote and my friend John Kantz drew. John is a fantastic artist and it is my great pleasure to be able to share a comic that we have collaborated on.
I am hoping to add a few more Penultimate Quest items, send out the mini comics that I promised to backers of the third volume and then move on to a new work.
Unfortunately that new work is not looking like Death Laughs. I actually went and thumbnailed the entirety of Death Laughs and... that was as far as I got. Sometimes this happens. Actually this happens often to me, it's just about one book goes and the next doesn't. What I need to do is keep my mouth shut until I've got enough to go on.
Also I'm still polishing the site, so some things might not be all there.
I am remaking my entire website

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